Tell yourself “I can make it happen”

Today is the start of a new beginning.

A new day in your internet marketing career where you’re going to adopt the mantraย “I can make it happen.”

And you know what?

You’re going to get a lot of naysayers who are jealous that you’re taking suchย a bold step.




Not many will understand this new journey you’re embarking on… but that’s alright.

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Pretty soon, they will see the fruits of your new career.

I say “will” because there’s NO turning back.

I want you to drill it your head that “I can make it happen!”

I got the same negative vibe from folks around me.

“So what about the benefits?”

“You’re really gonna give up your job for that?”

And this is from people who either don’t understand what internet marketing is all about OR are so comfortable in their ordered 9-5 world that they can’t see life beyond being cocooned in safety.

You, on the other hand, are a renegade.

And it is you whom I want to partner with for the next few weeks and months to make sure that you indeed MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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To your success,